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We all had been witnessing people wanting to watch quality content, but the high priced subscriptions was not working for them.

Even the local artists and movie producers did not get much exposure to showcase their work to the global audience. To tackle these situations, S.A. Films and Media came into existence.

Shrikant Athavale, the owner of S.A. Films strived to create opportunities for the local artists and production houses to display their work on a global scale. Another aim of S.A. Films is to reach the maximum number of user subscriptions at a minimal cost, to help people deal with the FOMO on latest web series and movies. We all know it’s real. S.A. Films and Media aims to acknowledge the talents of and bring in limelight the local artists and producers, along with successful and famous artists.

S.A. Films and Media features almost endless variety of content, catering to all the needs of users.

S.A. Films and Media is an entertainment service that provides a platform for Web Series, Documentaries, Songs, Short Films, Educational & Spiritual Webinars and Feature Films across a wide variety of genres and languages.



“S.A. Films and Media assures the customers a smooth streaming service, the suppliers a reliable and authentic partner, our investors and sponsors profitable growth and transparency, and the employees a great working environment.”

Impacting and improving people's lives:

“We, at S.A. Films and Media, strongly believe that good web series, movies, feature films and any type of content media affects people and helps them to grow. And by providing the right type of content to people, it can actually improve people's thinking and their lives. And by catering to thousands of our users, it will benefit the society and the whole community in the long run.”

Providing a global platform to the local artists and movie producers:

“Many local budding production houses, artists, movie producers make great content but they don't get enough audience attention or appreciation that they deserve. S.A. Films and Media provides them with a platform to showcase their movies and talents on a large scale of audience.”

Creating a good and comfortable working environment for our employees:

People never love a company until the employees love it first - Simon Sinek

“Rightly said, our employees are the heart of our business. The happier they are working, the better the results will be of the company. We ensure our employees' are satisfied at all times.”

To become the best video streaming application:

“S.A. Films and Media aims to share with the users content that they love. Not only do we provide entertainment content, but educational and spiritual too, which helps us serve all kinds of people and their requirements. By this approach, we aim to tap share in the market and become the most preferred video streaming application.”

To make people's lives smarter:

“Gradually, with the subsequent use of our services, the users would gain knowledge, grow spiritually and make smarter choices in their day to day lives, as the content they'll be watching will have some impact, and over time, that intensifies the way people react to situations, they start working smarter, make better decisions, live an easy going and peaceful life. ”